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This month, the Bookworms Carnival is being hosted here! The theme this time around is Guilty Pleasures – those novels that we just can’t get enough of, that we’re obsessing about or however you want to take it.  I will be honest, I’m not really sure what the original intention was behind this theme since it wasn’t mine to begin with, so I’ll quit stalling and get straight to the reviews…

First up is Alessandra from Out of the Blue with her review of The Ashleys by Melissa de la Cruz where it horrifies and delight her all at the same time.

Jackie from Literary Escapism is sharing three series as her guilty pleasure. The Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton (which starts with Guilty Pleasures) and the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost (which starts with Halfway to the Grave) continually pop and devours her attention. One scene will enter her head and when she goes to check out that ONE scene, she ends up reading the entire novel again. The last series she is sharing is Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander (which starts with Outlander), which is the only series she has completely in hardcover AND paperback.

Then we have Ruth from Bookish Ruth with her guilty pleasure of TV tie-in books.  They’re her literary equivalent of a popcorn flick and she’s giving us two great reviews.  The first one is Doctor Who Forever Autumn by Mark Morris, which is a tale of Halloween monsters in true Dr. Who style.  The second one is The Torchwood Official Magazine Yearbook by Titan Books, which is the perfect novel for any Torchwood or Dr. Who fan. With in depth character biographies and interviews, I can see this quickly becoming any fans guilty pleasure.

Katie, from Rhinoa’s Ramblings, offers us a review of The Worst Witch to Rescue by Jill Murphy.  Children novels are Katie’s guilty pleasure especially ones she read when as kid herself. This novel is a recent addition to a series she loved growing up.

Doug from SciFiGuy brings us a review of Just One Bite by Kimberly Raye, the fourth novel in the Dead End Dating series.  With a particular fancy for the light paranormal romantic comedy stories, this is one that definitely fits the bill (as I personally can’t wait to read this one for this specific reason).

Amber from Amberkatze Reviews shares her guilty pleasure in the form of graphic novels.  Since they are harder to come by in Austria, when she does get one, it turns into an extra special treat.  The first graphic novel review she shares is an adaptation of Laurell K Hamilton’s Guilty Pleasures, the first novel in her Anita Blake Series (another one of my favorites).  The second one is another Anita Blake story, yet this time, The First Death, shows us what happened when Anita first met the gorgeous vampire, Jean-Claude.

Patricia from Patricia’s Vampire Notes is so captivated by the world created by the authors of her guilty pleasures that she doesn’t want to do anything except keep reading. Forget doing productive work. The first review she shares is for Dark Harvest by Lynda Hilburn, where the main heroine is not immediately understanding that vampires do exist, but is completely drawn to the head master.  The second review is for Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews, where our heroine is still fighting her attraction to the local pack alpha and finds more trouble than she’s ready for.

Jackie from Obsessive-Compulsively Ruining My Nail Polish gives us a slew of guilty pleasures. The first one is for Countdown by Michelle Maddox, a story about a post-Industrial world where people pay to watch others die. Then there is Slave to Sensation and Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh, which brings a new twist to the changeling culture and introduces us to a new breed of telepaths (I personally love this series).  And All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris, which is part of the series that was the inspiration behind the hit HBO show True Blood.

And on the topic of Guilty Pleasures, Nicola from Alpha Heroes asks us What Guilt? Is there really anything to feel guilty about when it comes to novels and reading?  So that is your discussion question for this round: Is there anything for us to feel guilty about?  What’s your guilty pleasure?.

Upcoming Editions:
The 21st edition will be held by Renay over at The Deus Ex Machina Complex, where the theme is the theme is GLBTQ Literature and Authors.  Submissions are due by January 9th.  .

The 22nd Edition will be back with Jackie at Literary Escapism, where the theme is Anthologies. (side note: I love anthologies, they are a great way to be introduced to new authors).  Submissions are due by January 23rd.

The 23rd Edition will be held by Jessica over at The Bluestocking Society, where the theme is Books to Movies.  Submissions are due by February 13th.


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