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I promise, we’re here!

First off, I sincerely apologize that the carnival has been so quiet lately.  I could give you excuses (kid home for summer, pregnancy, blah blah blah), but I’m not going to do that.

First off, some sad news.  The last couple of carnivals did not receive any submissions, so you won’t be seeing posts for them.  We may try them one more time, but I’m leaving that decision up to Alpha Heroes, Mystery Suspense and A Room Without Books Is…, the hosts of the carnivals.

We do have a couple of upcoming editions, so check your reviews and see if you have any that might go with a Children’s Book Illustration or Speculative Fiction carnival.  I’m sure The Ruby Winkle Review and Book Chick City would love to include your link.

Edition 56 hosted by: Meghan at The Ruby Winkle Review
Deadline for submission: June 18, 2010
Theme: Children’s Book Illustration
To submit a post, email: corvusbluestudio AT gmail DOT com

Edition 57 hosted by: Carolyn at Book Chick City
Deadline for submission: July 2, 2010
Theme: Speculative Fiction
To submit a post, email: bookchickcity AT dsl.pipex DOT com

As always, if you would like to host your own carnival, do not hestitate to contact the BWC staff.  We have open slots starting in August and I would love to see them filled!  I know we’ve been horrible with the email in the past, but that’s going to change. Mainly because I just acquired the new Droid and I was able to include the BWC email in with all of my others (yea for technology!), so I’ll be able to check it a lot easier.


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The 3rd Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week has been officially announced! Amy kicked off the event at My Friend Amy (the site for the first BBAW) yesterday.

There will be a That’s How I Blog! Blog talk radio show tomorrow night at 10PM EST/ 7PM PST to discuss the new award processes and other general information.

Registration for this years BBAW is now open, but I’m going to warn you, it’s not a simple process. I honestly have no clue why they would include this at this point, but when you register, you’ll be asked for your favorite newly published books (and we’re not talking just one or two either) since last September as well as the five posts you want considered for the BBAW Awards if you want to be included.

Speaking of the Awards process, I know there were some issues with it last year and they’ve been revamped. The entire process has been outlined and it seems like it could be a little more streamlined this time around. For one, each blog can only be nominated in one niche blog and in order to even be considered, the blog owner has to register their site first. To see the details on the Awards process, click here. For the various categories, click on one of these links: Niche Categories and Featured Categories.

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