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Just a reminder, you can submit entries to the Arthurian carnival to ME at nicola327 AT hotmail DOT com. Details are here and for the extended deadline (Wednesday), here.

In other news, Marny has chosen NonFiction as the them for her carnival, coming up June 4th. Stay tuned!


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Book Blog Search

I just came across this and thought I would share it real quick like.  During the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, My Friend Amy had suggested putting together a directory for all book blogs.  Well, she finally did it (although I don’t know when it went live), but here’s the link to the directory.  It’s actually really cool because you can search for specific blogs or by categories.

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The New Home

With the passing of our late friend, Dewey at the Hidden Side of the Leaf, some of us fellow book bloggers have gotten together to continue on with Dewey’s Bookworms Carnival.  Dewey did an amazing job with all the projects she was handling and we can only hope to continue to do as great of a job.

The carnival may experience some hiccups while we try and pick up where Dewey left off, but the carnival is continuing on without us, so make sure you check out the next couple of stops.

Edition 20 hosted by: Marcia
Deadline for submission: December 26, 2008
Theme: Guilty Pleasures
To submit a post, email: woodbear97 at yahoo dot com

Edition 21 hosted by: Renay at The Deus Ex Machina Complex
Deadline for submission: January 9, 2009
Theme: TBA
To submit a post, email: bottle.of.shine at gmail dot com

Edition 22 hosted by: Jackie at Literary Escapism
Deadline for submission: January 23, 2009
Theme: Anthologies
To submit a post, email: myjaxon at gmail dot com

Edition 23 hosted by: Jessica at The Bluestocking Society
Deadline for submission: February 13, 2009
Theme: Book to Movie
To submit a post, email: thebluestockingsociety at gmail dot com

For all the latest on the carnival, this is where you will find it.

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The aim of the Bookworms Carnival is to build the community of book bloggers. You don’t have to have a books blog to participate, though; bloggers are welcome to submit any post relevant to the current theme from any blog.

The Bookworms Carnival is held twice a month.

With the passing of our fellow book lover, we are continuing Dewey’s (the Hidden Side of a Leaf) work with the Bookworms Carnival and can only hope that we do as great of a job as she did.

The current carnival is going to be posted any day at Literary Escapism who has a topic of Historical Fiction (reviews can still be submitted to myjaxon AT gmail DOT com).

The next carnival is hosted by Marcia at The Printed Page.  The deadline for submission is December 26, 2008 and she has a theme of guilty pleasures going.  In order to submit a post, email: woodbear97 at yahoo dot com.

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Suggested Themes

About genocide
African (African author, country, or issue)
African American Writers
American literature
Banned books
Beach reading
Book News
Book to Movie
Books (literature or nonfiction) that address prejudice/oppression
Books (literature or nonfiction) that address social change
Books in translation
Books that changed your life
British Literature
Childhood memories
Children’s literature
Culture clash
Cultures other than our own
Dystopian fiction
Father-son / Mother-daughter relationships
Favorite characters
Feminist writing
Gay writers
Historical fiction
Historical non-fiction
Holocaust Literature
Jewish Literature
Latin American writers
Newbery Books
Non-American literature
Obscure Books/Underrated Books
Parent – Child Relationships
Political writing
Pop culture non-fiction
Printz Awards
Pulitzer winners
Search for Identity / Hero’s Journey
Short stories
Southern States
Speculative Fiction
This Mortal Coil (contemplating mortality)
Women / Men Behaving Badly
Women in literature
World literature
WW II Literature
Young Adult literature

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